Zeebe - How to get Process instance id using variables?

Hi Team,

We have created camunda trial account of zeebe cluster and exploring zeebe microservices orchestration.

As part of analysis, we are trying fetch process instance id using variables in the zeebe flow. In our case shipment id is unique key which we are maintaining in zeebe flow as a variable.

We have gone through the camunda document API section and found the GET/process-instance method which accepts variables as query parameters. But unfortunately we are not able to find out the complete url and authentication mechanism to call the GET/process-instance method for the trail account.

Any help is much appreciated.


Hi @Bharath_kumar,

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Regarding your question:

Currently, Camunda cloud doesn’t provide a public query API. Maybe, you looked into the wrong documentation. You can find the docs for Camunda cloud here: Overview | Camunda Cloud Docs

Does this help you?

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