Zeebe Java Client 401 (From tutorial)


I can’t connect to my Zeebe Cloud cluster using the Java Client
I was reading this Java Client can't connect to Camunda Cloud Cluster · Issue #4356 · camunda/zeebe · GitHub but is not working for me :frowning:

Important: every variable to connect are fine, works from another integration.

My config

implementation group: 'io.zeebe', name: 'zeebe-client-java', version: '0.26.6'


OAuthCredentialsProvider credentialsProvider =
                new OAuthCredentialsProviderBuilder()

        ZeebeClient client =

        final WorkflowInstanceResult processInstanceResult =
                        .withResult() // to await the completion of process execution and return result

                "Process instance created with key: "
                        + processInstanceResult.getWorkflowKey()
                        + " and completed with results: "
                        + processInstanceResult.getVariables());

Thanks in advance

Hi @Gonzalo_Mendoza :wave:

I think the audience should be without :443.

Also note that, if you’re connecting to Camunda Cloud Saas, that from version 1.0 onwards you can use the dedicated ZeebeClient.newCloudClientBuilder() (see https://ZeebeClient.java#L57-L60), which creates the OAuthCredentialsProvider for you.

Hope it helps :smiley:

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