Zeebe-Kafka Integration design understanding

@yogi38in I am not sure if we have a blog post about that, but it is quite simple… Zeebe is free to use (with the only exception of run it as a service, like in Camunda Cloud), there are no functionalities that requires licenses. Operate is free to evaluate but you require a license to run it in production.
Please get in touch via: https://camunda.com/contact/ if you want to get more commercial information about how the support works and the licenses.

I think it’s better if you remove kafka and use only zeebe cluster.

can you please elaborate on skipping Kafka in this scenario? in that case, how would you envision the messaging flow from the clients/events to the engine and associated workflows? Would you have a direct api call all the way to the engine to instantiate a workflow?

You could write a Kafka consumer that creates a Zeebe process with a CreateProcessInstance gRPC API call to the Zeebe gateway. Or, if your workers are pushing events that can start processes, then you would use a PublishMessage call, and make your process start events a message start event.

Your Zeebe workers are going to be Kafka publishers with Kafka, if the only thing listening to that topic is Zeebe, then you simply change the workers from publishing to Kafka to publishing messages to Zeebe. These messages then get correlated with running process instances or start new processes.

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