Zeebe operate search locally for Elastic search

@SujataKale97 can you share more information about your kubernetes cluster? is it EKS? how do you created it?

@salaboy we tried in both k8’s cluster Azure AKS and AWS EKS.

@svetlana @salaboy After doing some R&D we found that!!!

when we deployed zeebe-full operate was working fine!!

The elastic search is deployed by zeebe-full locally in the same namespaces as you can see above, zeebe-operate is working because operate was able to find elastic search locally. After modifying values of AWS elastic search in operate configmap with or without authentication it was not working in zeebe-full also.

We tried to deploy manually using operate helm chart it is trying to find elastic search locally so the pod is going to CrashLoopBackOff state, when we specify the AWS ELK (private or public) both are not working.

as @SujataKale97 has mentioned above she tried with both private and public elastic search with or without authentication still pods was in CrashLoopBackOff state because operate didn’t find elastic search locally.

I hope you understood what I’m trying to say or you can just give a try to what I was trying to do.
Thanks in Advance!! :slight_smile:

Saying that the pod goes to CrashLoopBackOff doesn’t help much, did you saw different logs or issues in each case? It is quite hard to understand what is going wrong in your setup, unfortunately I cannot reproduce as I don’t have an AWS ElasticSearch available to test. Also you have heavily modified the configMap, so at this point it is quite hard for me to even start trying to replicate your problem.
as @svetlana mention, if you are working without authentication it should work, but without looking at the logs it is impossible to know if your pod is not finding the host or why it is not connecting.

If it is a network problem, you might need to configure an Egress to enable outbound traffic from your Kube cluster to ElasticSearch, but if you haven’t done something like that for the broker and the broker connects to the ElasticSearch I am not sure what can be wrong to your setup.