Zeebe POC - java/spring client, two common workflow error scenarios

I have a Zeebe POC that is progressing nicely (IMO), but have two questions regarding error situations:

  • Even though I have the entire job worker’s code inside a try/catch block (and throw the exception in the catch), when it throws an exception, the process doesn’t see it and the process continues to the next task. Is there are way for the worker to tell the process that an error occurred?
  • If a process progresses to a task beyond where an error occurred, is there a way to “pull” the token back to a previous task - either from Operate or programmatically?

Which client are you using?

In the catch block, you send the FailJob command to the broker. If you throw in the catch block, the JS client should do that for you. Sounds like you are using the Java or Spring client?

Hi, yes, at the moment I am using the Spring client.