Zeebe vs. mySQL?

Good afternoon!

I’ve been working with Zeebe for a long time now, but I’m thinking about changing the database because of many update errors. MySQL would be a good choice here, but I don’t know what exactly the differences to Zeebe are.

I also have all my data stored on Zebee. Do I have to be afraid that everything will disappear? I have heard that providers like Aiven make it possible to connect multiple databases, no matter how different they are. What do you think, does that make sense? And how fast is the processing?

Hi @lawyer1029.

I’m a bit confused about the question. Zeebe is a workflow engine and MySQL is a database. The indent of Zeebe is not to store data. Instead, it is about executing your workflows.

In general, it is not recommended to store the actual data in Zeebe. Zeebe should orchestrate the workflow/services and have references to the data only.

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Hi @lawyer1029 - Zeebe does not expose the database (internally it uses RocksDB), nor is the database pluggable. It is baked in to Zeebe.

Are you having issues when upgrading Zeebe to a new version?