Zeebe with Service Fabric

Hi everyone.
We are working in a Service Fabric (SF) … environment (2 docker services and 4 native SF net core services, in the future, will be 20 or more) those services communicate among them with RESTFul requests and messages with RabbitMQ … the problem that we are facing is the Business Process that can change depending on the customer… we found the Zeebe project and sounds really interesting and we think we can adopt in our current project…

is it possible to use it alongside SF?

What do you think is the best way to integrate Zeebe and other tools in our current environment without break all and start again?


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HI Mike,
Zeebe Provides the concept of Worker that you can implement in multiple languages, that usually serves as the perfect bridge between technology stacks… For example, you can create a worker to inject messages in RabbitMQ and use that as main path of interaction between your services. Does that make sense? Feel free to elaborate more in what are you trying to achieve.

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