Zeebe Workflow Engine license

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It is about licensing Zeebe Workflow Engine as Free Edition. Unfortunately, the license terms are still not clear to me. Our customers know the requirements and define themselves a BPMN diagram in a modeler, which Zeebe uses and executes in the background. The workflows are specific to the area where the customer wants to execute the processes - HR, ERP, Logistics. We enrich the BPMN task with bot workflows or microservices (which we provide).
As part of our system, we want to use Zeebe to orchestrate these processes.
Perhaps using an example:
A business process product (commercial) is developed. Users can create and define the processes in a bpmn modeler. Predefined services can be attached to the tasks as well as RPA bot workflows that are executed on a software robot. The RPA product communicates with the Zeebe Workflow Engine, which controls and executes these processes.
Would this use be allowed under the Zeebe license terms 1.1 of the Free Edition?

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Hi @Roelof_Meyer and welcome to the Camunda Community!

From what you are describing, you are looking at implementing your own commercial product which would be based on the Zeebe workflow engine. Under the second clause of the Zeebe Community License this would not be allowed.

Condition 2: Without limiting other conditions in this Agreement, the grant of rights under this Agreement does not include the right to provide a Commercial Process Automation Service.

Now, if you wanted to do this in a manner that is not part of a commercial offering, I believe that things might be different.

I am not a lawyer, and am not intimatly familiar with all the nuances of the license agreement, however.

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