ZeebeClient newWorker() returns JobWorkerBuilderStep1, not JobWorker

According to the getting started documentation, the Java ZeebeClient’s newWorker() method for creating a job worker should return a JobWorker but it returns a JobWorkerBuilderStep1 (v 0.25.3).
Am I missing something really fundamental here? I am a Java developer, but can’t get the JobWorker coded with this.
The Zeebe documentation:

    try(final JobWorker jobWorker = client.newWorker()) {
                .handler((jobClient, job) ->
                    System.out.println("Collect money");

Hey @ken

In the Java client we using the Step-Builder Pattern. Your are forced by the API to set all mandatory details for the worker until you can call .open. This will create and return the job worker you’re looking for.

Hope that helps.


Hi Chris,
Yes. Thank you.
Foolish question. I see that IntelliJ wasn’t interpreting the anonymous method correctly and was already interpreting the object before it was actually returned from the step-builder.