I’m trying to run a process test and I get the bellow exception :

cannot acces io.camunda.zeebe.spring.test.ZeebeSpringTest

Even though I added the following dependency :


And even though I run on Java 17 !

If someone can tell what I’m maybe missing, I’d be very thankful !

Thank you in advance !

Hello @Hanane-Boutzrout ,

thank you for posting here.

Could you please include the full stacktrace?

From what you describe, this should work.


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Thank you @jonathan.lukas for your reply.

And apparently, it was because of Java version. I thought it was 17 but it got switched into 11 !

So just in order to feed my curiosity, does @ZeebeSpringTest work only with Java 17 ? If yes then what’s its alternative in Java 11 ?

Hello @Hanane-Boutzrout ,

for Java 11, there is another dependency that builds the test using testcontainers. It should be mentioned in the spring-zeebe-test docs.



Yes I did find it ! Thank you so much !

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