10 years of bpmn.io: “Empowering people to be better at BPMN” | Camunda Community Podcast S5E5

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S5E5: 10 years of bpmn.io: “Empowering people to be better at BPMN"

On this episode of the Camunda Community Podcast we are celebrating 10 years of bpmn.io–can you believe it?–with host and Senior Developer Advocate Niall Deehan @Niall and special guest Nico Rehwaldt @nikku, the creator of bpmn.io and principal engineer here at Camunda.

Today, bpmn.io has a vibrant community of active users and contributors, has gone beyond Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN), and is used throughout almost every front end Camunda product.

But this was not always the case.

Join us on this journey from the starting vision, “BPMN everywhere, for everyone,” through inspiring community contributions and scope jumps (Hello Decision Model and Notation [DMN] and forms!), all the way to what the next 10 years might hold.

Listen to learn more about:

  • bpmn.io and why it’s a set of libraries instead of an app
  • Why Nico believes Camunda is lucky he was asked to build a solution for drawing BPMN
  • A very brief history of modeling tools
  • Just how extensible bpmn.io really is
  • Fun things the community has built with bpmn.io
  • What the bpmn.io team does
  • BPMN linting
  • Token simulation
  • One of Niall’s proudest moments

Episode Notes

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