2 Datasources for Cockpit Spring Boot App

Hello all,

Context: I have 3 camunda applications, 1 is only for the cockpit to show the processes of the other 2 applications. I’ve done this by letting both apps use the same datasource.

My Problem: I have different datasources, but the applications are on the same server (currently localhost to try it out).

So how do I need to configure my cockpit spring boot application to gather the information from two (or more) datasources rather than one? Since my trial and error process I assume it only reads from the datasources to collect the processes of other applications.

Hi @gulk,

From what I understood from your description, you want to use a multi-tenant setup where each tenant uses its own data-source, so that you can have a common Cockpit and switch between the tenants there.

Unfortunately, this isn’t possible with the Camunda Spring Boot Starter since it’s designed to be used for a single, embedded Process Engine.