2 micro services with 2 databases problem in oracle 12.c.r2

2 micro services having same process engine name and same databases. Micro service 1 having 2 databases, 1 is for domain and another is for Camunda. Same for micro service 2.
Now the problem is, if the database for camunda is mysql then no problem. But if the database for camunda is oracle for the first time (during new deployment) both micro services are working. But the second time we run (no deployment already deployed) micro service 1 is running and micro service 2 is hanging after print the message process engine created.
If we stop the micro service 1 then micro service 2 is continue and finish run.
We try both
camunda spring boot starter 2.3.0 with spring boot starter 1.5.8.RELEASE (Tomcat pool) and
camunda spring boot starter 3.0.0-alpha1 with spring boot starter 2.0.0.RELEASE (Hikari pool)

Oracle version is 12.c.r2

What is the problem?
In my attachment all the configuration given. Data base config is same for both micro services 1 & 2 and application.yml for each one is below the data base config.config.txt (3.4 KB)

When i set the property deploymentLockUsed is false then it is working in oracle. There is a bug in Camunda for oracle DB in the method acquireExclusiveLock.
note: Without set any property working in MySql.