3# Camunda Meetup Vienna 2021 - Improve your Camunda usage: a practical

Hi everyone,

The awesome folks from the Camunda User Group Vienna are closing the year with a demo themed meetup to help you improve your Camunda skills.

Demoers (it’s not a word, but it should be!) of the evening:

Type: virtual
Language English

We hope to see you there!

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Maria, Niall, Tobias and Maximilian,

guys, thanks for the interesting meetup!

Maria’s speach was motivational. Maximilian’s example was very interesting in technical and practical sense. Niall and Tobias’s one was very promissing more in business perspective (improvement of efficiency through fast process reorganization that’s what you should demonstrate to the C-people). If you do similar example in which you can convert the improvement in $, that can be a good promo material, I think.

The Racing example was so fast, that at times it was a bit faster than my machine and Inet channel capabilities (old generation stuff, still limited by speed of light, you know; I need more efficient stuff). )

Is it possible to get the materials (code, models, etc.) for the meetup demos?

With best regards,
Dmitry Kapinos


Hi @dkapinos,

Thank you for your words! it really means a lot :smiley: We are always happy to receive feedback from the sessions.

Below are some of the resources that you ask for:

Racing Camunda Engine - video of their talk in CamundaCon 2021. There you can also get the slides.

Racing car in Github

I don’t have right now the link to Maximilian’s demo, but that can be solved :slight_smile:


Thank you, Maria for the materials!

Actually I was pleasantly surprised that Camunda has such live and positive core team of the community. I’ve thought that Java EE developers has no sence of humor, huh?

By the way, is there any special place for ideas for future meetups, or may be just for ideas (kind of backlog)?

With best regards,
Dmitry Kapinos

:smiley: I’m glad that they were useful… what can I say, we are a fun bunch!

In this page you can check the upcoming meetups. As for the topics… did you have something special in mind? Normally each group sets their own backlogs, since most of the times it is members of the local communities the ones giving the talks. Although there are times, like the Vienna meetup where someone from Camunda also participates. If you would like to propose a topic to the Vienna folks you can leave a comment in their meetup page. Or, if you like you can write directly to me and tell me what you had in mind or I can direct you the closest meetup group :wink: Plenty of options!

Happy holidays!


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:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: Yes, indeed!

did you have something special in mind?

No, not really, I’m asking just in case. Thanks for the contacts!

Happy holidays to You too! )

With best regards,
Dmitry Kapinos

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