403 Error behind reverse proxy

Hello ,

I am trying host my camunda application behind apache proxy . All the calls to the engine api is working fine , but the calls to retrive the groups of the logged in user is failing

Reverse proxy configuration :

<Location /camunda > 
ProxyPass http://camunda:80/camunda
ProxyPassReverse http://camunda/camunda

As per one of the previous post , i have configured my backend app and proxy context are same
my application is hosted as : /camunda
my revrese proxy config is also set to :/camunda [see above ]

the calls to the admin api is resulted in success
url : https://proxy/camunda/api/admin/auth/user/default (200)

but the calls to the engine api get groups are failing :
url: https://proxy/camunda/api/engine/engine/default/group?maxResults=25&firstResult=0 (403)

Could someone help on what configuration is missing ?

@kamalakannanvkp refer this post:

Thanks . I did the same . But the problem is X-XSRF token .I think the camunda engine is expecting this token in the post method calls of the request header and looks like it is missing when request passed through the proxy .I am working on the same to fix it .

X-XSRF token problem you are facing in local or in openshift? im suspecting it has something to do with openshift route.

Hi , its was on openshift. We solved this