8.5 Zeebe Usertasks External Reference

Hi there,

I am currently trying to migrate our user tasks to the new Zeebe Usertasks from Camunda 8.5.
We have a custom built tasklist and we are using the Job Worker implementation with the custom form key field.

When calling the Tasklist API to search for tasks the value from the custom form key field can be seen in the TaskResponse JSON.

The Zeebe Usertask Implementation has the External Form Reference field. My expectation was that this field is basically the same as the custom form key for Job Worker Implementation.

However when I´m requesting a zeebe user task from the tasklist API the field formKey in the JSON is empty.

Am I missing something here? I am testing this with the camunda docker compose Version 8.5.3.

i ran into the same problem. How to determine the external form reference via tasklist rest api? Or is this feature not implemented yet?

I made a bit of a “dirty” workaround by giving the user task an input variable “formKey” in the process definition.

Our custom tasklist implementation then checks if the actual formKey field has a value if not it checks for this variable in the task.

Obviously not a nice workaround for production but I simply wanted it to work and for now we do not use zeebe usertasks in production.

Maybe a better workaround: When I start our tasklist, I create a cache via Operate API Get process definition as XML by key | Camunda 8 Docs. I parse the BPMN and cache all relevant user task data (form key, headers map for other features e.g. priorities, etc.).