A Developer-friendly Citizen Developer, They *DO* Exist: “I do not implement code. I like low-code” | Camunda Community Podcast S5E4

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S5E4: A Developer-friendly Citizen Developer, They DO Exist: “I do not implement code. I like low-code”

Developer-friendliness is at our core and developer-friendly process orchestration is our passion. We believe pro-code concepts are absolutely essential to addressing the complexity of real-world automation. That is why we are combining pro-code capabilities with the ability to encapsulate code into reusable modules that we call “low-code accelerators.” These shortcuts are meant to benefit both technical and non-technical users.

In this episode, we will follow along the journey of one citizen developer as she learned how to develop executable processes. Listen as Senior Technical Community Builder Mia Moore (that’s me, @miamoore!) chats with Community Manager @Maria about her role here at Camunda, what inspired her to gain more technical process automation skills, and how this experience has enabled her to better collaborate with technical users like IT and software developers, provide feedback based on her experience, and grow in confidence. Mia and Maria also discuss their favorite Camunda 8 features as well as tips and resources for learning more about BPMN, DMN, and Camunda–spoiler alert: our Community is one of them.

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