Ability to Add Identity-Links on User Tasks through Modeler and engine

Looking at ways to add ID Links with Modeler. Was thinking this would be a good feature to add to modeler / the engine?

On a related note, is there a way to have Get Tasks (list) return the identity Links with hal+json. Currently seems to only work with /task/:id

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Can you provide an example use case?

I think this is currently not possible.

when a user task is generated, there are the ID links that get created for things like candidate, assignee, etc.
But in more complex environments where there are third-party systems interacting with the REST API, the external systems often want to know more information about the user. Identity Links that provide more context about the related Identities of a user task. Could be the Departmental Owner (different than a “Task Owner”), the Backup Assignee, Quality Assurance Owner, etc. These are Groups and Assignees that could be used by the outside systems to enable permissions, feature toggling, etc.

Makes sense. Feel free to raise a feature request in JIRA.