Ability to jump to a task in the workflow

I have a requirement where based on some event, I want to cancel the current running task and transition over to another task in the workflow and start that task. This can be from any task in the process transitioning over to a single known task. So if modelling transitions from a specific task to this single task, I will need to put a lot of sequence flows emanating from each task to this single task.
Is this possible to model? I though of using a even sub process and have a message start event (which will start the subscription upon starting the process), but not sure how I would transition to a given task in the workflow from there.
Even if there was a way to transition from inside this event sub process, since the sub process is interrupting so it will die after the first invocation.
What i need is something which can listen/subscribed for the lifetime of the process and can transition based on some event like a message being sent to the process.
I created a sample as below. What i dont want to do is connecting each of the tasks to Task 3. I can send a message to the process, but I dont know how to transition to Task 3 after receiving the message

what are the events, that are responsible for cancelling current task and transitioning over to another task?
If got it right and the users would be responsible for the decision, the thing that you are looking for is CMMN. It allows you to model unstructured processes.
Here are some information https://docs.camunda.org/manual/7.8/reference/cmmn11/
Unfortunately, there are only small amount of information about CMMN, I have got most information from this book: Real-Life BPMN by Jakob and Bernd.
Hope it helps.