About configuration

what is the use of implementing JavaDelegate and ExecutionListener?
In which scenario which need to be implemented?


Points where you would like to run your own custom code.

so, I need to implement both whenever I wish some custom code or is there any specific scenario or points which I need to keep in mind while implementing?


JavaDelegate would be used to run code form a service task.
an execution listen can be used if you want to run code before or after a particular activity.

so is it good to understand that implementation of JavaDelegate is mandatory if we are running custom code, but implementation of ExecutionListener is not mandatory.it is optional(in the case if we don’t want any code to run before/after any specific activity)?

It might be useful for you to watch this it’ll explain how to create a process and add custom code

Thanks Niall


Plz let me know how can I share BPM-model here?

Just copy-paste the XML into a code block (see How to format code blocks? for how to write a code block).