About give a power of attorney

How can a power of attorney be given to someone else in Camunda? How can we proceed in this matter?

Hi @Suleyman_Eleman ,

Can you tell us what you’re trying to accomplish here, and what you have tried so far? Do you have a process that you can share with us?

Without more information here I’m afraid it’s impossible to answer a question as broad as this.

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Hi @davidgs,

The situation I want to tell is that when someone goes on vacation or wants to appoint a delegate, how can a delegation be given in this way?

Hi @Suleyman_Eleman,

In platform 7, this can be achieved by implementing a generic task listener on create event in which a check for assignee’s status is done so in case he/she is out of office and he/she has a replacement then assignee value can be set to the replacement’s user.

For already created tasks, reassignment can be done programmatically

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