Access Camunda BPM Admin Dashboard 403 Error

We use Spring Boot embedded Camunda configuration. The application sits behind Spring Cloud Gateway which runs at port 8080 and Camunda webapp runs at 4201. Spring Cloud Gateway will direct request



We get login page from both URLs and login as admin but get 403 error with the 1st URL. With 2nd URL, we can login to Camunda Admin Dashboard without issues.

What could be the problem for the 403 error?

Spring Boot: 2.3.3
Camunda Spring Boot: 7.14.0

Hi @hanscrg
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Sounds like it could be an issue with your Spring Cloud Gateway settings (although i don’t know much about that) - Have you added anything else to the Camunda spring boot application? Changed any settings in the process engine? anything like that?

Thanks for the feedback. Our Spring Cloud Gateway complete the OAuth2 authentication and the JWT Token attached with the request header and forward to Camunda WebApp. I will post a different thread on OAuth2 JWT with Camunda.

It looks like if hit the URL at 4201 directly, it works fine; but if hit the URL at 8080, it shows 403 error with error message “CSRF Token has been associated to this client”. It looks like something related CSRF token if hit camunda webapp through Spring Cloud Gateway.

How to disable CSRF for Camunda Webapp run as Spring Boot embedded?

Setting related to CSRF can be changed in your application.yaml the details of exactly what you might want to change are all here in the docs.