Accessing a variable in a Form

I’m trying to do something that is probably … slightly odd, but I need to do it anyway.

I’m trying to have a Form either display an image, or at least link to it. I originally wanted to send the base64-encoded image to the Camunda 8 process, but then there’s no base64.decode(var) available, plus sending potentially large images as variables isn’t a good idea.

That being said, I am storing the images on a server, and I’d like the form to either show the image, or at the very least link to it.

I know I can make a text element in the form with markdown

# Image

But what I can’t figure out is how to replace that image location with a variable value. If I submit a variable image_location how can I put that into the markdown above?


Hi @davidgs,

Do you mean using Camunda Forms? Because using embedded html forms, this requirement should be easily possible.

Yes, I mean using embedded forms on Camunda Platform 8 (Camunda Cloud).

How is it possible?