Accessing FormFields from Start Event

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Please how can i access form field created in StartEvent in the next script task connected to it


Use exceution.getVariable(“variableName”)

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Thanks too much @Alok0305 .

i tried exceution.getVariable(“variableName”) but it returns null with me

please find attached the flow xml

Simple_Camunda2.bpmn (2.8 KB)

Thanks too much

Since you have used business key with start form that you’re not able to pass so its not able to fetch the values.

Simple_Camunda2.bpmn (2.8 KB)

If there is need of business key along with start form you go through below:


I have the same basic issue. How to access the form fields defined in user task in end listener on current user task or the start listener of next activity

I have a User Task and define two fields on the Forms tab. I would then like to access the submitted values (submitted via the REST API ie. rest/engine/default/task/7a33e88a-9abd-11ea-a8d9-144f8af00e66/submit-form) in the end/start groovy listener inline script. But the fields do not show in execution.getVariables() map.

Do I need to go thru the execution.getProcessEngineServices().getTaskService()getVariables call, if so what ID from the execution do I use to get the Form Fields submitted for this user task?

I solved my issue by creating a Task Listener on the User Task for the Complete event type and in the groovy script setting the process instance variables by looping over the submitted form fields:

org.camunda.bpm.engine.FormService formService = task.execution.getProcessEngineServices().getFormService();
org.camunda.bpm.engine.form.TaskFormData taskFormData = formService.getTaskFormData(task.getId());
List<org.camunda.bpm.engine.form.FormField> fields =  taskFormData .getFormFields();

for(field in fields){
    task.execution.setVariable(field.getId(), field.getValue().getValue() );
    println "userValidationStartUserTaskComplete setVariable " + field.getId()+ " = " + field.getValue().getValue();