Accessing process meta data for analysis on external platform?

Using C8 SaaS, is there a way to export or transmit the data about processes that have executed in Zeebe to an external platform for analysis–other than Optimize? Basically, we want to analyze the data about our executed processes outside of Optimize (e.g., on our own “Digital Twin”). Is there a way to access/export/stream the data about executed processes from C8 to an outside platform (i.e., not just into Optimize)? If we ran C8 “on premise”, would the answer be different?

Hello @mcarleb,

Thank you for reaching out. Just to clarify, do you mean exporting Zeebe data to a platform other than Optimize or export data somewhere else once they have been imported to Optimize?
If not the later one, then I would suggest you to come to contact with Zeebe as the Optimize team does not handle data export from Zeebe.

I hope this was helpful, let me know if I could assist you further.

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Thank you. I can look at obtaining directly from Zeebe, but can I get access to the data once it is in Optimize?

Hey @mcarleb,

thanks for your reply. I am not very sure I understand your question. Do you mean if you can access Zeebe data from Optimize?

Let me know if there is any other question I should assist you with.

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Hi. I do not mean can I access Zeebe data in Optimize. I do mean, can I access data about my executed processes (e.g., how long did they run, when did they run, etc) by somehow extracting or streaming the data from Optimize to an external platform?

My use is that I want to analyze data about the processes in a tool other than Optimize. Is there a way to gain access to the data that Optmize analyzes so that I can do related analysis on an additional, different platform?

Hi @mcarleb,

you can export the data from reports in JSON format to import them into other systems: Export report result data | Camunda Platform 8

Hope this helps, Ingo

Thank you. We will try that for starters then. At some point, we might wish/need more automation, but what you suggest will get the ball rolling I think.