Accessing the gRPC services - Camunda 8


I am trying to consume the methods from the gateway.proto using BloomRPC as the grpc client after starting the zeebe broker in my localhost.


Any help appreciated!! @Niall @StephanHaarmann


Also tried writing a Java client to consume the grpc service. It resulted in an infinitely running process.

@Sathiarekha I don’t fully understand what you’re aiming to achieve.

Are you simply trying to interact with your cluster from Java? Then I highly recommend trying out our official Java client.

Or are you interested in writing your own Zeebe Java client? In that case, I’d highly recommend looking at the code of our official Java client for inspiration.

Hope this helps.

@korthout I am trying to do this. Generating a Zeebe-Python Client Stub in Less Than An Hour | Camunda

I am trying the equivalent in java (a grpc client stub) using Quarkus.

You are looking for CreateProcessInstance.

Check the latest proto file here: zeebe/gateway.proto at main · camunda/zeebe · GitHub. Find the tagged version for the release that you are using for more precise targeting.


@jwulf Thank you soo much!!! This helped. :slight_smile: