Activation of property " jobExecutorActivate" in Caumnda-bpm-tomcat for TimerEvents is not working

Am using camunda-bpm-tomcat to depoy bpmn files.
Have read the related topics on forum and camunda docs before raising the query.
PFA, the bpm-platform.xml, and pizza.bpmn.
bpm-platform.xml (3.6 KB)

Can I have event based gateway connected to timer event ?

Also, have added property name="waitTimeInMillis =5000 to job-acquisition to ensure it polls job every 5secs.
After all the configuration setup, observed that never timer event was triggered even when the timer duration was PT10S and jobs were polling every 5 secs(based on waitTimeInMillis set in bpm-platform file),
Any help is appreciated!!
orderpizza.bpmn (9.1 KB)

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