Active Sub-Subprocess prevents completion of Subprocess

Hi there,

My process model contains a Subprocess, which, in turn, contains a non-interrupting Event-Subprocess.

I have noticed an unexpected behaviour: as long as this non-interrupting Event-Subprocess is still running, it is not possible to complete the (parent) Subprocess.

Is this behaviour intended? I would have expected, that the completion of the surrounding scope (subprocess) ends all activities in the child scopes (non-interrupting Event-Subprocess).

I added an illustration on cawemo:

Thanks in advance for the clarification.

The event sub-process is considered in cases like this to be a higher scope than the contents of the sub process itself. But You would still be able to kill any token in the even sub process and continue the process by using a terminate event. That would kill all tokens in the scope, but wouldn’t affect the parent of the embedded sub process.

Thank you. So that’s working as intended.

I´ll be using a terminate end event in my case.

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