Active token got stuck in a dummy task

I gotta a dummy task, when i start the process this task is supposed to be completed automatically since its neither a service task nor a user task. Its more for labelling.

However, the active token got stuck there, did anyone face this issue?Capture

@Minisha_M the task “Create Application” you have modeled it as task of type “Undefined Task” which doesn’t match any of the task types currently supported by camunda. Check the list of supported tasks by camunda here.

If it’s just for labeling purpose and if human activity involves you can model it as “Manual Task” type, so that engine will not execute the task and it will bypass that task to process next activity.


I see… I start the process when the user create an application, so wanted to close the task automatically thats why it is just a box without setting any task type.

It was working though, when I start the process it automatically go to ekyc activity. Suddenly I saw a weird behaviour not working anymore. any reason for that?

Check whether any incidents are created or stacktrace in error logs?. Done any changes to job executor configuration?