Activity log performance problem


We created a complex bpmn process. It use cc 200 variables. The bpmn process uses a lot of dmn and call activity.
We use all mappings at the call activities. We don’t need to persist the variables into the history because there is an own solution so the log level was set to activity. The other settings are the default.
There are cc half million processes were executed. If the database is empty the job executor is very quick but after a bigger transaction number the job executor get slower and slower. After the half million is very slow.
It looks the Camunda try to persist our variables independent from the log settings. We set the log level to debug and in the end of the process or at the user task (or where we the async was set) we saw a lot of sql insert into the act_ge_bytearray table. I have no idea why should some hundred insert take so long :frowning:
Do you have any idea how can we speed up the insert or how can we turn off the persistence?

Thanks in advance: Gábor

Hi Gabor,

200 process variables is a lot of process variables - could you coalesce them into say one or more json blobs such that you can reduce the number of inserts?