Add authentication to Camunda modeler

I’m planning to use Camunda as Rule engine for one of our project. My requirement is I wanted to add authentication to use Modeler as I wanted only authorized busines people can able to create DMN diagrams for business.
Is there any way to do so?

Also, I also wanted to check the feasibility of creating a repository of all DMN diagrams that is being created in modeler where business user can refer all previous created DMN diagrams and do changes if required.

What all are possible ways to do achieve this?

Camunda Modeler is opensource, by default it doesn’t have any security restrictions.

@geekyninja101 you can restrict on deployment rather than restricting the user from creating DMN diagrams.

Thanks for your reply. I’m new to Camunda and still exploring its capabilities.

Could you please help me out how can we restrict this at deployment level?

Any link or reference would be great help.