Add camunda process engine into an existing webapp

Im newbie to bpmn and camunda process engine
My aim is to add the process engine into a currently working web app, based on a php backend
Is this practical? N if yes are there any example projects or tutorials on this?

Any help is highly appreciated

Check out:

Basically you would be interacting with Camunda through the REST API


Tnx alot
I got good ideas from the link :+1:

If you provide more info about the app and your goals, can give you more insights. We run a fairly large php app interacting with Camunda, so lots of experience in this space.

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A little company asked me to alter their crm into a process based one
The original developers have left the app with no comments or documentation and there’s no maintenence contract
All I know is that they’ve used sencha extjs for front and php for its backend
Not sure if I’m right but I guess the only thing i should change is the logic behind php code to depend on process engine instead of tracking processes by its own conditional statements.

Tnx for your help :blush:

Sounds like a challenge :slight_smile:

Your changes sound about right. You may also want to look at building a few API endpoints for Camunda to speak to your PHP app rather than just the app pushing into camunda.