Add Intermediate connection joints when joining Tasks

I’m pretty sure in some videos I watched a while back that the presenter added joints in the routing connections between tasks at the point that they created the connection.

For example, if I create task A and task B, I can select the --> tool and draw a connection between them, and it does a reasonable job of working out if its a straight line, if it needs a 90 degree bend in it and so on.

Other times when I have a routing line between A and B, and then need a return link from B back to A, I end up with a double headed arrow as I have the conjunction of A–>B and A<–B.

I can drag the route up, and get what I want (shown below) but as I say, am pretty sure I saw someone adding line joints in at the point of routing connection creation.

   v      | 

Did I dream it, or is there a combination of keystrokes/mouse-clicks that can be used to add the intermediate joints?

Hi Steve,

If I understand you correctly, the animation below should show you how to achieve what you described.


Recorded using Camunda Modeler 2.2.3



Hi Maciej, thanks for your response.

Yes, that is how I am doing it currently, however I was pretty sure that there was a way to draw a line and add fixed nodes while you were drawing it. This is as opposed to drawing a straight line between two tasks and then readjusting the line via grab handles or as you show in the video.

Maybe I just dreamt it…