Add same variable with different values for parallel instances

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i have a flow diagram as given below, wherein there is a parallel gateway which spawns 2 flows which go into a service task which should populate a variable “errorCode” and a value to it and then goes to a user task. now both the flows should have a variable “errorCode” with different values, but it is getting overridden.
i am populating the variable and value using the service task and in that using the following piece of code:
execution.setVariable(key, value);

If you set a variable through the execution.setVariable(key, value); method it is set global across the process. so if you do it twice for the same variable it will be over-ridden. You can try execution.setVariableLocal(key, value); this would create a local variable but might not work without a sub process around the tasks. It might be better to create different variable names for the error messages.

Hi @shashank19aug,
as you already mentioned, the variable gets overridden. If you check the implementation of variables, you’ll find it revolves around Java’s Map. Due to the very nature of maps, inserting a key twice will result in overriding the initial insertion value.
I suggest using a different approach, because both service tasks operate in the scope of the process thus overriding each other (based on how the parallel execution figures out which task fires first).


Hi @sdibernardo,
i understand the map part and why it gets overridden but is there a way to do something to achieve what my goal.

Hi @shashank19aug,

maybe this chapter of the docs helps you further:

Hope this helps, Ingo

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To further elaborate on @Ingo_Richtsmeier’s hint, you should introduce subprocesses and then use local variable in said subprocees order to use the same variable without overriding it.