Adding Custom node in bpmn xml

Hi ,

I am trying to add new custom tasks to bpmn modeler like service task , but I dont want to go with approach of element templates, instead I want to create new icons like other tasks
To add custom node I need to modify xml namespace “” or create and add new one , which I am unable to do so.
Can anyone help me on this or any other approach to create new custom taskscustom_task.bpmn

This below specific task , I am referring

 <CustomTask id="Task_11qg7lr" />


Have you had a look at this example?

I do had a look on this, but it does not solve our problem to add new task like service task , user task , etc under task list

What are you referring to as task list?

Maybe you mean to extend the ReplaceMenuProvider, to add new tasks in the palette menu?

Hi philippfromme
Task list are tasks like user task, manual task , service task , business rule task which are various kinds of tasks

I think you should look at @philippfromme example and also at this :slight_smile: