Adding Java Spring Bean to Camunda Platform Run

I have started to evaluate the Camunda Platform Run (Community). And I wonder how I can add customer service task code - in particular spring beans.

I noticed for other distributions like the one based on Tomcat, there is a Maven archetype that you can use to set up your project. With this I could just take the generated war file and throw into the respective deployment folder.

I also found the maven archetype for SpringBoot projects, but this is only useful for SpringBoot apps (hence the name, I guess ;-). ). I tried to use this archetype, put my code in and built a jar from it. When I threw this into the configuration/userlib folder of the Camunda run distribution, the engine could not find the service task implementation.

Is there any archetype or any documentation available to add custom implementation to Camunda Run - in particular I would like to be able to use Spring Beans rather than Java classes?


Hey @sklabund ,

Camunda Run was built with the purpose to have it as a standalone engine. Hence Service tasks are connected using External Tasks (REST API) and not Java Delegates. So the whole idea is not to deploy your jar files together with the engine.

If you want to use Camunda in an shared/ embedded way, the run distro is not the way to go. Then it would make more sense to choose one of the other distros: SpringBoot or Tomcat.

I hope that helps