Adding Variable Metadata?

Is it possible to generate Variable “Metadata” ?

Already when a variable is created there are cases where extra metadata is added into the secondary columns (such as Text1 and Text2 columns), or when a blob is saved it uses the Text2 column to store some metadata about the content type mime type of the blob.

A possible feature request, unless already being provided somehow, but is there a way to add custom metadata to a variable when using execution.setVariable()?

Hi Stephen,

There is no API to do that. You could implement a custom variable serializer if you want to write something to those fields.

I don’t think a general purpose metadata API would be a good idea. Conceptually, such data can already be stored along with the variable or as a second variable. Technically, what can be stored as metadata is very limited (the two text fields in ACT_RU_VARIABLE).


Limited metadata storage is fine IMO. What would be your suggestion for best way to handle some level of metadata storage for variables?