All about process flow details

Hi, Am new to BPMN and Camunda BPMN. Am trying to create a simple process flow, deploy and run the process to see how to use Camunda and its features.

Am using Camunda modeler v5.2.0 and Camunda Platform v7.17.0 Below are the open questions I have for now.
Am sorry if my questions are really bad and silly. Am still in learning phase.

  1. Is it possible to view what was the input and output of each bpmn construct in the process without using user task and after its completion? Like input and output of start task, input and output of script task, service task and end task. Audit log, history or any of such kind captures these details?
    I had written console log in the script task using javascript. How to view the logger data without using user task?

  2. Is it possible to view the directions of process flow taken during run time (traversed path)? Visualisation of traversed path of the flow.

  3. Is there a way to use sftp connector so that I can read the file and get the array / bulk input for the process flow.

Below is my simple process and added history plugin to view the details of the completed process instance.

Hello @Bob_Rachu ,

welcome to the forum.

To answer questions 1 and 2: There are 2 alternatives to solve this:

  1. If you are evaluating for a potential enterprise product, you can get in touch with our sales team and get access to a trial enterprise license. There, the cockpit has a history functionality that will do exactly what you are asking for.

  2. If there is no plan to create an enterprise product, you can use a handy plugin provided by the community:

For the sftp implementation: Do you already have some code you would like to use? Or would you like to have some kind of out of the box connector?


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Hi Jonathan, Thank you so much for the quick response.

I could see the history and statistics now and the audit log of each using the ‘‘camunda-cockpit-plugins’.

Regarding sftp, am looking for a out of the box connector feature. I do not have any code implementation to use as of now.
The idea is to use the sftp connector of camunda to process the bulk or array of request from the file system in sequence or in parallel.

Hi jonathan.lukas Can I please get some idea about SFTP. Do I need to implement SFTP related business logic in java and plugin that class into Camunda BPMN?

Hello @Bob_Rachu ,

this would be required.

Regarding the implementation, do you have a preferred way?

I would recommend the external task pattern. Only if there is the requirement to embed everything in one application, you could a JavaDelegate.

I hope this helps


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