Alter a DMN table file via the Java API

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There is requirement in my project, Create and update the DMN file with Java API and below is the functionality required, Kindly provide the any sample programs.

  1. API required to generate the DMN file.
  2. API required for update the complete rule in the DMN.
  3. API required for Update the particular field value in the DMN rule.
  4. API required for Update the input / output Indicator datatype in the DMN file.


Please have a look at the related topics:

Hi Dear,

As for the above article, we found that only create the DMN by model API.

Kindly let us know remaining my requirement.


It is the same procedure.

  1. Get the DMN model via repository API
  2. Read and modify the model using the DMN model API
  3. Deploy the updated DMN model

Just look at the DMN model API.

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