Updating decision tables programmatically via REST API


I’d like to update a decision table. Specifically, I need to add a rule to a table.

I know about the deployment API which allows for (re) deploy decision tables and I know that the enterprise edition has a feature to alter tables in the cockpit.
However, I’d like to change tables programmatically without the need for passing an entire table but only the new rule.

Some REST API like this would be awesome:

POST /addRule
“inputs”: [{
“input”: “day”,
“value”: “sunday”
}, {
“input”: “weather”,
“value”: “rain”
“outputs”: [{
“output”: “activity”,
“value”: “stay at home”

Hi @bitsmag,

I think this feature request is not in the scope of the process engine. The engine only allows to get a definition and update it by a new deployment. There is no modification of definitions via Api. But you can use the Model Api to modify the definition programmatically and re-deploy it.

Beside that, I think a modification Api of definitions is not a good idea in general since it could lead to incorrect definitions when the definition is changed concurrently.

Best regards,

Thanks @Philipp_Ossler I didn’t know about the DMN Model API. It’s not quiet what I was looking for but I will look into that.

I aggree that such an API could lead to invalid definitions, however in my case it would be useful since it’s a very simple table with rule order hit policy.