An asynchronous signal event Failure


The signal is not received by other handlers waiting for the signal when i configured throwing event as Asynchronous (in modeler, checked Ascynchrous before and exclusive is true ) and one of the process’s catching events has an exception.

So , does it mean that signal events fail if any one of the receiving signal events have an error/exception ?

Isn’t it quite risky? Is there a way to avoid this from happening?


Say you have 3 processes being activated with you Signal. And the Exception happens in the 2 process. Does the first process still get created? This sounds like transnational roll back happening if you are not seeing the first process.

The easily solution to this is set Async Before on your Signal Catch events, that way if there is a exception you will be compartmentalized in the process that was started and not have the roll back affect the Signal Throwing process, or other receiving/catching processes.

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Okay. Will try this and get back.

Thank you.