Announcing to discontinue support for XQuery, Velocity, and XSLT Java template engine extensions

As we advance with our efforts to make the C7 code base easier to maintain and reduce product complexity for our core developers, we decided to drop some components our users/customers rarely use.

With the 7.20.0 release, the AP 7 team will discontinue support for Java template engine extensions with the following Maven artifacts (groupId:artifactId):

  • org.camunda.template-engines:camunda-template-engines-velocity
  • org.camunda.template-engines:camunda-template-engines-xquery
  • org.camunda.bpm.extension.xslt:camunda-bpm-xslt

We still provide official support for the Freemarker template engine extension.

We moved the source code of the Java template engine extensions (JSR 223 compatible script engines) to Camunda’s Community Hub and released version 2.2.0, the first community release.

If you want to continue to use the community-maintained template engines, use the new Maven coordinates.

The source code of the XSLT extension was previously closed source and only available for enterprise customers. The source code is now available for everyone.

You can contribute to the GitHub repository if you require code changes, library updates, or bug fixes.

We are looking for maintainers for the new community extensions. Feel free to contact us if you are interested.

Learn more about C7 templating.