Any real useful example about hyperautomation and AI in Camunda BPMN?

Can anyone give any good exact example or reason where we could use hyperautomation and AI in our flows as service tasks or as decision makers nowadays?
So far i just feel that we say AI is cool and we can use ChatGPT as some search engine to bring some data into flow which actually does not have much valuability.

This is a really good question, I think the practical application of AI for hyper-automation can be missed in favor of buzzwords. So i’ll try to explain my own view on this.

Success of hyper-automation is built on the ability for rapid prototyping. Because the questions of “can we do this” and “can we do this quickly” need to verified before any kind of high-level automation project can get off the ground. So with that in mind the example I think of is Camunda’s AI form generator. The expectation of this feature should not be that production read forms can be built in seconds but rather it’s a tool that can generate the correct json which represents a correct Camunda form. The befits of this feature (as I’ve experienced myself) are as follows:

  1. Helping a developer understand what’s possible in a form
  2. Designing something quickly enough that it doesn’t slow down the prototype
  3. Giving a designer a starting point with examples they can work with

What this leads to is a faster way to learn and a faster way to built automation. It answers both “can we do it” and also “how fast can we do it”.