Anyone using libraries for parsing/manipulating JSON other than Spin?

was looking at some other libs such as :, and thought in some cases these js libraries would be useful in scripting and forms.

Anyone already doing this?

Hi Stephen,

I have to admit, I use spin in very rare cases only. Using too many different technologies confuse people and make workflows hard to maintain.
I use spin mainly for decisions in gateways.
In our scenario, we need to do rather complex logik on json in many cases. For these use cases, I found my right tool set using groovy script. It provides great json support, allows focus on logic with no ‘ceremony’ and manipulation of maps and lists comes with tons of additional methods.


@wke-rec for groovy, my understanding is you have to convert the json to a groovy object using jsonslurper. This correct?

Have been looking for a more JS based approach as it matches html forms, node (server side form validations), and can generally be used as the ‘common’ language outside of camunda. (At least in our case, java is only being used for Elastic and Camunda).

Yes, this is correct. Conversion to and from Groovy Objects is required. For our use cases, this is adequate as we keep all manipulations strictly in the backend. All input and output is JSON only. That way we are free to use what ever we need in other areas like the front-end.