Apply changes on running process instances

Hi everyone,

I have a running process that includes a responsive form, but I have to change some fields in the form without stopping the instance. Do you know if it’s possible or not?

Hello @mandy ,

by updating fields, do you mean process variables? Or the form definition itself?


Hi @jonathan.lukas ,
I mean adding a new text field, or deleting an existing one on the form while the process instance continues. Later on, we also want to edit the process model itself to use the new information that came from this field. So there are actually two questions. Can we edit the form design and the process model while the instance continues running?

In our case, we already started the instance so we don’t want to stop or terminate it. I know that this can lead to some logical issues but just wanted to ask if anyone experienced something like this and solved it without stopping the instance.

Hello @mandy ,

this depends a bit on how you implement the form binding:

For Camunda 8, there are 2 options:

  1. Copy your form json into the process diagram. They are linked static now and there is no chance to update.
  2. Provide a custom form key. This option will disable you to use Camunda 8 Tasklist. Hence, the form key can be used to identify the form you provide. This makes you flexible but will require a custom implementation of a tasklist.

For Camunda 7, there are some more:

  1. You are using Camunda Forms: There is a binding that you can use (latest, deployment,…) that allows you to define which version of a form will be selected
  2. You are using Embedded forms: Here, the form key is important: I you are searching for the form in the deployment, you cannot change it any more. If you are using embedded forms, updating a form (html-file) and reloading the classpath (done by the ide) will update the form which is really flexible.
  3. You are using generated forms: They are built into the process so no flexibility here
  4. Same as Camunda 8 2.

I hope this helps


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Thanks for the detailed answer! I will try to implement your suggestion :slight_smile:

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