Approver determinatio with LDAP

on the site page BPMN Example I have find the diagram example “Approver Determination with LDAP” where I can find the code for this example?

I need fill one HTML select component with the users that can be approve one task and start the approvation task on the selected user.

Fabrizio Cavadini

Hi @fabrizio,

could you please post a link to the page you mention in your post?

Cheers, Ingo

Here the URL: Real-world BPMN 2.0 examples and answers to common questions. - Camunda

The image of BPMN:


Hi @fabrizio,

I can’t remember any example code for this bpmn model.

Generally, to get the this model automated in the Camunda BPM Platform, you have to provide a service task implementation that queries for the expected infomation in your LDAP Server.

The direct approach will be to code a JavaDelegate class for this task and write all the code you need to connect to your LDAP server, query the user ids and save them as process vaiables. This variables can be used in the following user tasks.

A good way to start investigating more details would be here:

Hope this helps, Ingo