Approver task disappeared

I am new to camunda platform. We are trying to do some POCs. I started with the Twitter application review process sample.

  1. Login as user kermit/kermit and created a request for approval using the html form. After I filled the form, immediately there was a popup message indicating that review request created and if I click on that it goes to the approval page and after the approval it is successful. But my problem is that If I dont click on the request approval popup, after that How do I see the requests that are submitted for approval. I didnt find them at all. Is there something else I need to configure inorder to show these requests tasks that are waiting for approvals? where do i find these tasks?

Hi @ram_perl,

I guess you are referring to spring boot starter example 1, correct me if I am wrong.
You can create a filter by clicking on Add a simple filter button on left side in Tasklist.
Then you will be able to see all tasks by using this filter:
Or feel free to create one by yourself. 2

Best regards,

Yes. You are right. Thank you so much for the help.