Archetype issue

Hi Niall

While creating a new maven project with camunda archetype.
I am getting this issue

Could not resolve archetype org.camunda.bpm.archetype:camunda-archetype-spring-boot:7.11.1 from any of the configured repositories.

I have checked my proxies settings and Camunda archetype is already set in maven

Can you please help in this issue

Hi @sapahwa

I was able to try out the archetypes and didn’t have a problem.
If you’re trying to get started with spring boot it might be easier to use which will generate a project for you without needing to worry about maven and IDE settings.

Thanks Niall for the alternate approach :slight_smile:

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Hi @Niall
Is an Archetype maven project?
And is that open source?
If yes, please share the source link.