Are there plans for process simulation?

Are there plans for process simulation in Camunda? The last reference I’ve seen to this is from 2014…!topic/camunda-bpm-users/PSmyu0sqstk

There are currently no concrete plans to build this. This topic comes up every now and then and since we have we certainly do have the basis to build this. See this ticket in the bpmn-js project: You may contribute to the discussion there.


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We also got a website that tells you, if it is already implemented. @Niall can you help me out here?

Sure Niko,

I tend to bring up this feature request quite frequently and so In an effort to save me time @pedesen very kindly created a website which documents the current progress being made on the issue:



Thanks guys, Sorry if I hit a nerve…

Due to the fact that process simulation is “sort of” implemented, can you tell more about the features and in which way process simulation will be integrated into Camunda? The background for my questions is the following:

I am currently coaching a student at our company who wants to work on process simulation with Camunda on his master thesis that officially starts next year. So we would be glad to get more information about your implementation plans for process simulation.

Thanks for any information :slight_smile:

Simulation seems to mean different things depending on what aspect of modeling needs to be simulated. In some cases people want to see visually how the tokens for a finished process passed through the model.

But for your scenario it’s more about wanting to understand how modeling works (before deploying it)

For that i think you should take a look at Camunda Play. where you create or upload models and then see how to progress through the model, by selecting paths through gateways and when to complete user tasks.


Thanks for the hint, we will have a look at Camunda Play!

Our idea is to take an already deployed process model, change something in the model (for example the conditions on the paths behind a gateway), replay process instances by using historic data and analyse, how the stats of the process changes, like average duration, percentage of chosen path after gateway, costs (assuming that some tasks are more expensive than others) and so on.