🏆 Are you a Camunda Champion? Apply by October 6

Hi everyone,

Are you passionate about Camunda? Do you enjoy supporting other community members on their journey by answering questions on the forum, writing code, presenting at meet-ups, or creating content to enable others? Then you might be a Camunda Champion.

Camunda Champions are outstanding folks who are always ready to contribute, collaborate, and share their expertise with others. Through the Champion Program, we want to formally recognize their contributions and set them up for success.

Why consider becoming a Camunda Champion?
:small_orange_diamond: Join a thriving global community
:small_orange_diamond: Exclusive badges across multiple platforms
:small_orange_diamond: Insider insights
:small_orange_diamond: Special access to events
:small_orange_diamond: Exclusive swag

To know more about the program, check out our latest blog post and consider applying by October 6.

If you have any questions regarding the program, contact us via champions@camunda.com or reach out to via DM.